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Upgrade your DevOps to SecDevOps at RootedCon

January 30, 2017

Paul Santapau member Continuum Security

Join our CTO Paul Santapau at RootedCon in Madrid, where he’ll be presenting a talk on implementing security in DevOps cultures.

Integrating security into agile development methodologies poses unique challenges to both the security and development teams. These are particularly striking in continuous delivery (CD) processes where the rate of code deploys and automated testing cycles are too rapid for manual techniques. DevOps practices have added another twist to the story by increasing communication and collaboration between different teams (Dev, Ops and Security) and reducing the time between code change to deployment in a live environment even more.

The aim of this talk is to demonstrate how we can embed security practices into modern DevOps software development environments. In order to do so, we’ll introduce concepts such as Agile Threat Modeling, Security Touch Points related to different phases of the SDLC and automating both security vulnerability testing and the verification of security controls using our open source BDD-Security testing framework.

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