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Running parallel tests with BDD-Security

February 19, 2015

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BDD-Security includes a new ant task to run stories (tests) in parallel:

ant junit.parallel

This creates 3 separate JVMs to run 3 groups of stories as follows:

  1. Browser based tests- anything that uses WebDriver- as well as the ZAP scanning story (app_scan.story)
  2. Nessus
  3. Other tests, currently the port scanner and SSL tests

This greatly speeds up the test runs! You can modify which stories are run by changing the meta filters defined in the target in build.xml. As with other junit tasks full JBehave reports are generated as well as JUnit reports in ./reports/junit/


Be aware that any test that uses ZAP needs to have exclusive use of it- so to generalise, it’s better to keep all the browser based tests sequential. This includes tests that use ZAP as a proxy, not just the scanning tests!

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