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New IriusRisk Video Tutorial Series

We are pleased to announce the new IriusRisk video tutorial series which can be found on YouTube as a playlist.

As a threat modeling and risk management platform IriusRisk has powerful functionality and although detailed usage documentation may be found on our public wiki, it was felt a tutorial series in the form of video might be more accessible for some. This also gives those who have never seen an automated threat modeling tool in action a peek under the hood.

Many topics are covered from managing threat models through to administrative tasks and configuration.

With the next release of IriusRisk due week commencing 22nd April, in addition to the new IoT library revealed in a recent blog post, IriusRisk will have context-driven page level help linking to documentation and the video tutorial series hosted on our new Zendesk customer service and support ticketing portal as can be seen below.

This will be particularly useful when rolling out IriusRisk across large and geographically dispersed teams.

All new functionality and changes in the upcoming release will be posted on this blog and release notifications sent to customers.

Please do enjoy the videos which showcase many of the superb features of IriusRisk, but if you would like a personalised tour of IriusRisk, don’t hesitate to book a demo!

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