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Continuum Security Top the List: 9 Great DevSecOps Tools for Dev Teams

June 15, 2018

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It is always heartening for us when Continuum Security’s hard work, innovation and dedication to developing automated security solutions that answer industry’s hard problems is recognised.

And today is one of those days.

WhiteSource have run an article entitled: “9 Great DevSecOps Tools for Dev Teams to Integrate Throughout the DevOps Pipeline” and in number one spot is our IriusRisk Automated Threat Modeling Platform.

Here’s a little of what they say about us:

This cybersecurity company offers enterprise organizations an Application Security Requirements and Threat Management Solution with their threat modeling platform IriusRisk. This platform allows them to automate and scale their secure design activity by helping developers and security analysts deal with software vulnerabilities as early as the application design stage.

Adding this type of automated DevSecOps solution at the start of the development life cycle enables teams to address security risks early in the development process when they’re easiest and cheapest to fix.

As a company one of our underpinning drives springs from the “DevSecOps” movement with its focus on innovation, automation, scalability and seamless continuous integration. This coupled with the “Shifting Left” security approach (baking in security early in the production cycle at the design phase and continuing throughout the development life cycle) is encapsulated within our IriusRisk Platform.

Our Open Source BDD-Security Testing Framework is also highlighted in the article:

…an open source dynamic testing tool for businesses to integrate security testing into their development pipelines. The framework is compatible with most of the popular issue trackers, SAST, DAST, unit testing frameworks, and offers an open API for anything it doesn’t support natively. This allows teams to automatically synchronise their tests with issue trackers in the context of the threat model.

BDD-Security can integrate with our IriusRisk platform.

If you are interested in finding out more about what our products can bring to your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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