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Continuum Security cited as one of the major vendors in the growing global DevSecOps Market

A new Market research report by MarketsandMarkets has predicted the DevSecOps market to grow from $1.5bn in 2018 to $5.9bn by 2023.

The DevSecOps movement is the fusion of security with software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops). The emphasis being on continuous automation of security within the DevOps pipeline driving rapid deployment frequencies.

Within DevSecOps – from design through to production – security is embedded in the development lifecycle and Continuum Security are at the frontier of this evolution with our IriusRisk platform enabling threat modeling, secure design, risk management, and testing throughout the development process.

With this in mind Continuum Security are cited in the report as one of 25 major vendors in the global DevSecOps Market – and the only one located in mainland Europe.

Another recent report released by Axiomatics on critical security trends for 2019 had this to say within their “Transitioning to DevSecOps” section:

Businesses that develop software are using modern DevOps techniques to achieve faster time-to-market and continuously deliver new features at a rapid pace. Security professionals are using the best practices of the DevOps methodology to take an agile approach to security. By incorporating security into DevOps and transitioning to DevSecOps, companies can automate security processes, determine their internal best practices and securely bring new application services to production faster. Increasingly, we are seeing scenarios where legacy identity and security components are not compatible with this new DevSecOps model – security solutions must be adaptable or they will become an impediment to business outcomes, rather than being supportive of business initiatives.

If you want to find out how to leverage IriusRisk to move your security posture ahead of the curve request a demo today.

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