of security isues are in the design.

– Dr. Gary McGraw

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IriusRisk is a single integrated console to manage application security risks throughout the SDLC; from threat modeling during design through to testing.

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What they say about us

IriusRisk reduces time-to-market, improves customers’ trust in your digital services, and guides compliance with security regulations and standards.

Adam Shostack

IriusRisk covers an existing and increasing gap in SecDevOps where no other commercial solutions exist: start from a high level description of a system to model and manage its risks, propose controls and automate their continuous testing allowing continuous security assessment integrated into your CI/CD pipeline. That’s what high risk and highly regulated companies as banks need to adopt CI/CD at scale.

Director of Innovation at Global Bank

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Our philosophy

We are dedicated to building the tools you need to design, manage and test the security of your software. Security tools and processes have to be business enablers, not blockers; and they cannot slow down the speed of development. Our solutions integrate with the normal development workflow, so that security is truly built in and executed at the speed of development.

More than 3k applications and software have been built using our products

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